Financial Report

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s certainly a very happy start to the new year for Summerside Presbyterian. Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and the collective effort of all of you, we have successfully met our 2017 budget!

As you may recall in our December update, we had estimated an additional $5000.00 in revenue would be required in order to meet our expenses for the year. That amount was not only received, it was exceeded! We ended the year with a surplus of just over $4,300.00 and we thank all of you for your unending support! This extra amount goes a long way to recover from the $5,900.00 loss we had in 2016, as well as reducing operating costs as we move forward into 2018. This was a critical year for us, but thanks to all of you, we now have something to celebrate!

Sincerely, your Finance and Property Committee.