“Who’s Outside the House?”
July 22, 2018

“Who’s Outside the House?”

Passage: Ephesians 2:11-22
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The following post was extracted from Include Summerside facebook page

(Used with permission of the author, Nancy Beth Guptill)

This is a post for those of faith, who have felt rejection by the church, I must share the following.
I (Nancy Beth) attended a Pride Church Service at Summerside Presbyterian Church. Oh how I wish the service was taped because the message of love and affirmation for the LGBTQI community was beautiful!  I only felt love from the Reverend and the congregation.  It helped they coincidentally played some of my favourite Christian tunes (10,000 Reasons, This Little Light of Mine, Go Now In Peace) as the hymns, and they also had Mike Pendergast and his Son performing two songs. However, it was the scripture and the sermon that was the true blessing.
A very moving service.  I hope for those who still have a burning and passion for God who may have left corporate church because of negative experiences, will consider going to the Summerside Presbyterian Church - one of three churches in Summerside that I am aware of that open the doors of the Kingdom to all of God's people.
Christianity is one of the three main Abrahamic Religions, of which there are many. This post is to encourage anyone of faith, and the intent is not to influence to any particular beliefs.  In fact, for those of you who come from different faiths or belief systems, I encourage you to share messages of love for Summerside's Pride community here on our Facebook Page.
Meanwhile, I do want to share some images and information in honouring Summerside Presbyterian Church who held a Pride Church service today in honour of our Pride Week celebrations, and has invited us back to their church and community.
I also want to share a formal repentance letter to the LGBTQI community from the Presbyterian Church in Canada, which can be found here: http://presbyterian.ca/sexuality/
 Love and Peace to All!

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