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Summerside Presbyterian Church Is Now Mortgage Free

Faith in our future, generosity and hard work have brought us here.

Al MacIntyre – Finance and Property Chairperson

Dear members, adherents and friends of Summerside Presbyterian Church;

Thanksgiving Sunday, 2018, marked the seventh anniversary of the first service held in our beautiful new church. Many of you will recall the challenges we faced as we began the process. First of all, was a series of congregational meetings wherein the decision was made to replace our existing church building with a new structure. Committees were struck with the goals of exploring a new design as well as financing and funding options. These two processes were probably the most difficult and time consuming of all.

Once the final design was approved by the congregation, we also had to make a major commitment to fund the $1.4 million project. Looking back, there certainly was a tremendous amount of faith and optimism displayed by many people, both past and present, who strongly believed in the future of Summerside Presbyterian Church. With little trepidation, all available resources both in cash assets and real property were committed to the project. Even with this commitment however, additional funding was going to be necessary. A mortgage of $240,000.00 had to be secured in order to complete the project. It took the combined efforts of many, many people who pledged, most in writing, additional financial support to make our new church a reality.

It is with a great sense of gratitude therefore, that we announce the final payment on our church building was made recently. We are now mortgage free!

Leonard Russell, Chairperson of the Summerside Presbyterian Church Building Committee, speaking to the congregation regarding the retiring of the church’s mortgage on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

To celebrate this truly amazing accomplishment in the span of just seven years, a special service and fellowship time was held on Sunday, Oct.28,2018.

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Alan Montgomery, Church Treasurer, shreds the paid off church mortgage during the October 28, 2018 service

Rev. Brad Blaikie and Bill Collier, General Manager, Presbyterian Church Building Corporation cut the celebration cake at a reception held after the service.

The Cake

The Sanctuary

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