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If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining the church, please speak to me or email Rev. Brad    



Some astonishing Fundscrip Facts:
Since we joined Fundscrip six years ago this month, we have earned $14,813.65 in rebates! Every time the amount reaches $1000, we submit for a cheque, and there is one coming any day now. It’s easy to order gift cards this way, we order every two weeks. Why not try and help our church budget with higher rebate earnings; we’ll get to that next $1000 cheque a lot faster! Orders go in every two weeks, simply fill out your form, write a cheque (or cash)and leave in the church office for me to submit for you. Any questions, simply ask me! Thank you for your support! ~Susan Cameron (coordinator

On Saturday, May 26, we will have our very first take-out event, featuring lobster! There will also be a ham choice for this take-out dinner. Tickets will be $20 for lobster, $14 for ham. We plan to sell 200 tickets. People will be needed to provide food items, make salads the day ahead, and to assemble the dinners on the day. Also, we would like some help to make deliveries. So start making a list of who you can call for a ticket!

Please join us Saturday, June 9, beginning at 9am for our Camp Keir Clean-Up Day!  We appreciate all help we receive on this important day when we get the camp ready for the summer season!  Painting, cleaning, raking, dusting, there is a job for everyone!  Come and check out the new windows too!  Also, we encourage you to share and take a look at our Wish List (which is attached) and if you have items to donate, this would be a fantastic day to drop them off at the camp!  It would be amazing if every church could send even one person for this important day!


Camp Keir Alphabetical Wish List

As you will note, there is a variety on the wish list. We continue to dream for some of the more unusual items but are grateful for every donation received!

A Archery equipment, art supplies, acrylic paint

B Beads, band aids, brooms, bug spray

C Comfortable Couches, construction paper, canvas(square shaped, not stretched)

D Duct tape: all colours … you can never have too much

E Energy efficient light bulbs, electric air pump, embroidery floss

F Flashlights, flutter boards, frisbees

G Gazeebo, glue, gift cards

H Hand sanitizer, hoses, hockey sticks

I Industrial mats, inflatable beach balls

J Javex, j-cloths

K Kleenex

L Liquid laundry detergent, lawn games

M Mops, markers, mini-putt golf clubs

N Nifty costumes, nifty games

O Office supplies

P Paper towel, pool noodles, ping pong table, pool sticks, perler beads

Q Not q-tips (we have lots) but anything else you can think of???

R Rope (different kinds and lengths)

S Solar lights, soccer nets

T Toilet Paper, tarps, telephone (portable), tye-dye

U Used but well maintained car (we need a new Camp Car)

V Velcro

W Water guns, water balloons

X X-Large garbage and recycling bags

Y YOU at our Camp Keir Clean-Up Day (June 9th) and Staff Commissioning Service (June 24th)

Z zillions in Canadian Tire Money

We are planning to have an auction in June, rather than a yard sale. This will be a proper auction, with everything catalogued ahead of time, laid out in the Fellowship Hall for previewing, and a list put into the newspaper. We will probably not hire an auctioneer – I am certain there is someone in our congregation just itching to take on this job, and lots of very organized people to help with the paperwork. I know we can do this, we just need a committee put together, and we need things to auction. I’ve already had many inquiries to see if we will have a yard sale, and so I know there are things out there. Please let us know what you have. Absolutely everything and anything can go in an auction, that’s the beauty of it. Also, I am throwing a challenge out to the men to form a committee to help with this.