Our 10 Anniversary Celebration!


As many of you may remember, on Thanksgiving Sunday of 2011 Rev. Linda Berdan led us as our church family worshiped for the first time in our “new” church building. This past Sunday we celebrated that occasion as we gave thanks for all of the ministry that has happened, and will continue to happen, in and through our building.

As we look forward with faith to how God will continue to work through our congregation in the years to come, the decision was made to purchase some new pieces of equipment that will make it easier to both record and circulate our worship services online.  While not all of the new technology has arrived yet (and we are still learning and making adjustments with those pieces that have!) we were able to record portions of that anniversary service. Since it was such a joyous celebration, I thought that it would be worth sharing some of the highlights of that service with you.  You will find the video by using the link below


I want to say a special word of thanks to Marilyn Bigger & Susan Cameron for their beautiful Ministry of Music “Bless This House,” and to Nancy Harvey for providing some background information to the congregational hymn “Faith in our Future”.  A final thank you to Rev. Linda Berdan for sharing her reflections on that first worship service ten years ago.

As you will see in the video, we worshiped with a table of cupcakes at the front of the sanctuary and during the service the children brought in balloons.  While a video can never fully capture the excitement and joy of being there in person, I hope that those who were unable to join us will still be inspired by the video!


Rev. Brad

Rev Brad Blikie
Rev Bradford Blaikie