Ministry of Welcome (Schedule and Guidelines)

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Greeting/Ushering/Counting Schedule

January 1 – February 26

Date Greeting Ushering Counting
1-Jan Frank Harvey Dave Buell Dave B & Nancy H
8-Jan Janet MacIntyre Al MacIntyre Al & Janet
15-Jan Rosemary Adams Jim Adams Jim & Rosemary
22-Jan Carolyn Forbes Dave Buell Dave & Susan Cameron
29-Jan Nancy MacDougall Kathy Anne Haslam Nancy M & Kathy Anne
5-Feb Jacqueline Reeves Roxanne Campbell Jacqueline & Roxanne
12-Feb Carolyn Forbes Greg Walker Greg W & John W
19-Feb Wendy Gallant Debbie Richard Wendy & Debbie
26-Feb Janet MacIntyre Al MacIntyre Al & Janet

Since we have fewer volunteers available at the present time and since some of the responsibilities are
slightly different, the schedule has been revised to suit our current situation. As you can see, we have
assigned one person to be responsible for greeting and one to usher. It will only be necessary to usher if
someone is looking for assistance. Just be available to make everyone feel welcome and to assist, where
needed. The same volunteers (unless otherwise indicated) will be responsible for counting and
depositing the offering.

Please ensure that the Sanctuary and the Foyer are tidy (old bulletins removed from pews and tables,
books in the pew racks, etc.) prior to the service.

Please ensure that the entrance door by the choir room is locked prior to the beginning of the service.

Frank and Donnie Ballum will share the duties of Doorman/Greeter.

If you are unable to be present on the date(s) of your assigned duties, please make arrangements to
trade with someone else on the list.

Sincere thanks for your dedication to this important ministry.