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Church Membership: Are you thinking about taking the next step in your journey of faith? Have you ever considered making a public profession of your faith by officially joining the church? In a day-and-age when people are becoming less and less willing to officially join things (political parties, social clubs, etc.), joining the church has certainly become a counter-cultural statement – to clearly say “This is where I belong and this is what I believe.” If you are curious about what this might look like, please speak with Rev Brad to discuss with you both what it means and what it entails!

On Sun, April 21st, at 2:30 p.m., SPC will be host venue for a choral concert, ‘To Spring’. Amabile Singers is a mixed voice choir based in Ch’town and directed by Ruth Ann Read-Clay. A portion of concert proceeds will be donated to the local Foodbank. Tickets are $15 at the door, and the concert is free to children under 12. More info to follow.




Hey Youth! We are excited to let you know that 2 of our youth events are returning for 2024! PAYS for ages Grade 7 and up will be at Camp Geddie in NS from April 19-21 and UPLIFT (formerly CY) for ages Grade 9 to 25 years of age will be at Brock University in St. Catherine’s Ontario from July 2-8. Both events are going to be fun filled with the chance to be with friends, enjoy activities, explore our faith, dine and travel together. Both events are shaping up to be a great experience. See Debbie as she has lots of information to share with you.


1. Camp Keir Applications are now being received by the Camp Committee. The Application Forms can be found on the Camp Keir website www.campkeir.ca or contact Amelia Campbell, chairperson, by emailing campkeir@gmail.com or call 902-962-3348 or 902-969-9846.

2. The Camp Committee is having a Fundraising Ham & Scallop Potato Dinner at the Camp on April 27th . We will be having 2 settings 4pm and 5:30pm as well as takeouts will be available at 5pm. The cost is $20 for adults and $12 for children 10 and under. You will need to specify which setting or take-out when you purchase your tickets. All tickets will be presold, the deadline is April 20 th . You can book you tickets by contacting one of the Camp Committee members or by email campkeir@gmail.com You can also e-transfer to pay for your tickets at this email address. Please use the question “When is the dinner” Answer “April27”

3. We are now accepting registration for Summer Camp. Please go to our website www.campkeir.ca To receive the Early Bird Discount you must be registered before June 1 st .

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