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Please consider taking part in this great fundraiser.

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Fundscrip has been part of our lives here at Summerside Presbyterian for the past six years. We have earned in total over $14,000 in rebates , just by ordering gift cards for the everyday items we all use, like groceries, hardware, gas, restaurants! They are available for many retailers on PEI, and also for any other province in Canada, if you want to send a gift. They can be plastic cards, ecards or reloadable cards. They accommodate any way that a person likes to shop, either by giving me your order and cash or cheque, or doing your own ordering online. You can use interact payment to do this, or a credit card payment, although we will get a smaller rebate on your order if you use a credit card as they do cost money to process.
It’s a win-win situation really, using gift cards for things you will buy anyway and at the same time contributing extra dollars to our general budget! Many retailers have cards that are $10 or less, if you just need a little gift for someone to thank them. Why not give one of them a try?
Cards available are : Hudson’s Bay, Walmart, Winners, Chapters/Indigo/Coles, Cineplex, Ultramar, Superstore (Pres. Choice), Canadian Tire, A & W, Starbucks, and Wendy’s.
SPC orders in a group every two weeks, with the in – between week being the pick -up day as the cards are couriered to us here for delivery. So it’s pretty easy to remember order week once you get rolling!
Any questions can be directed to me at any time, and I can help you get started with this great program. Why not give it a try?
Marilyn Bigger
Fundscrip Coordinator

To order online go to the site and sign-up or sign-in

Group Code is 8FCEKS

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Please encourage others in our church (friends, family, whoever) to use the program. I am always available to help someone get started.

You can always contact me for any issues you have regarding Fundscrip  by using the contact form below or by phone.

I am glad to help.

Thank you.
Marilyn Bigger (SPC Fundscrip Coordinator)