Connecting Through Communication

SPPC LogoWhat is SPCC?
SPCC supports the congregation and its ministries in their respective communications within the church and community

SPCC, as a ministries support team, is responsible for overseeing the day to day communication initiatives at SPC which include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing the flow of information to/from the Minister, Ministries, Finance and Property, congregation, support teams and community
  • Advising and assisting the Minister and ministry leaders with design and flow in “getting the message out”
  • Creating forms, documents and other communication instruments to be deployed in maintaining and enhancing SPC communications
  • Generating ideas for improving SPC communication for the Advisory Committee’s perusal, discussion and approval
  • Preparing a yearly budget for SPCC operations
  • Managing the Team’s human resources to meet demands
  • Projecting hardware and software requirements and managing acquisition/deployment of acquired items
  • Maintaining and promoting the use of an SPC activity calendar
  • Enhancing and maintaining the SPC Website
  • Supporting, as required, SPC ministry leaders in “getting their message out”
  • Providing support for the SPC Email Ministry
  • Overseeing SPC social media initiatives
  • Ensuring that channels for “feedback” from all communication recipients is addressed promptly
  • Addressing issues concerning on-going communication instruments
  • Evaluating all SPCC initiatives to determine effectiveness
  • Tweaking SPCC initiatives as required
  • Reviewing yearly, all SPCC communication instruments to determine their functionality, accuracy and effectiveness
  • Educating church leaders and congregants in the use of technology

communications model diagram

communications model diagram 2


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Contact the Office to have your email added into this Ministry


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