Church Family Notices

Victoria PE Sunset

Welcome Eloiza and Lucas

The Hurst family is happy to welcome back to Summerside, to their home, and to this church ELOIZA MARCHIORI and to welcome for the first time her boyfriend, LUCAS SPERANZA.  As many of you will remember, Eloiza lived with the Hursts from August 2007 to July 2008 as an international exchange student from Brazil when she did her grade 12 at Three Oaks High School.  At the end of her time here, when returning to Brazil, Eloiza said, “I will come back”.  And she has indeed come back, with Lucas in tow.  Both Eloiza and Lucas plan to make Summerside their permanent home and Summerside Presbyterian their home church.  They are currently pursuing the opportunity to become permanent residents.