Ministry of Offering Schedule

SPC Ministry of Offering Schedule and Duties

Summerside Presbyterian Church

September 23 – December 30, 2018

Sept 23    Susan Cameron          Greg Walker

Sept 30    Linda Celliers               Blake Craig

Oct 7       Dave Buell            Jamie/Cheri Mackenzie

Oct 14     Debbie Richard          Susanne Essensa

Oct 21     Jacqueline Reeves      Marilyn Bigger

Oct 28     Ken Targett               Bruce Montgomery

Nov 4      Roxanne Campbell     Kathy Anne Haslam

Nov 11     Nancy MacDougall      Blake Craig

Nov 18     Nancy Harvey              Marilyn Waugh

Nov 25     Jim Adams                 John Walker

Dec 2      Sue Perry                   Wendy Gallant

Dec 9      Al MacIntyre                Donnie Horne

Dec 16    Susan Cameron          Greg Walker

Dec 23     Linda Celliers     Janet Rose/Stephen Hurst

Dec 24   5:30pm                 TBA

Dec 24   7:00pm                 TBA

Dec 30   Dave Buell            Jamie/Cheri Mackenzie

Please Note

Should you be unable to fulfill your scheduled date please contact another person on the list to make arrangements for someone to take your place.

Counting Duties

The first person listed on each date is responsible for ensuring there are four people to take up offering. The two listed counters are also responsible for counting, tabulating and depositing the offering in the night depository( Water St Entrance) at Consolidated Credit Union. The key is in the drawer of the counting desk and must be returned to the church.

Please ensure that the lights are off and all windows and doors are locked prior to leaving the building. This includes the office door.

Thanks and happy counting !