Weekly Prayer Suggestions

It is no secret that the health of any relationship is dependent, in large part, to regular communication. Our relationship with God is no different. Being intentional about spending time in prayer enables us to sharpen our ability to see just where and how God continues to be at work in the world around us. In short, prayer is one of the most effective ways to strengthen and grow in our faith!

Things to Pray for this Week

Pray for God’s blessing and safety for those serving at home and abroad in Canada’s Armed Forces. Give them courage and a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be.

We give thanks for ministry students who are serving in rural and remote congregations and ministries across Canada this summer. May they be blessed by and be a blessing to the communities they are serving.

Give thanks for Indigenous leaders of all ages and nations who are contributing to their communities, and to Canada, through art, literature, language preservation, health care, law and education.