Reflections & Prayers

As you prepare for this morning’s service to begin, you are invited to
reflect on the following…

Religion is at its best when it makes us ask hard questions of ourselves. It is at its
worst when it deludes us into thinking we have all the answers for everybody else.”
~ Archibald Macleish

“Most young adults I know aren’t looking for a religion that
answers all of their questions, but rather a community of faith in
which they feel safe to ask them.”
~ Rachel Held Evans

Things to pray for this week…

On General Assembly Sunday we pray for the 2024 General
Assembly, where commissioners seek to discern and make decisions
for the work, ministry and mission of our denomination this year and
in the coming years.

Did you know that we have a new church custodian, Natalie
Arsenualt? This week we pray for church custodians and secretaries
and all those who support the worship and mission of the church in
ways that are often overlooked.

With PWS&D’s support, farmers and families are learning
about sustainability, food security and environmental
protection. We pray that future generations steward God’s
creation well.